12/14/11 15:00:05

Release: NeoFinder 6.0

The previously named app CDFinder has been released as a new major version 6.0 and has also been aptly renamed to NeoFinder.
NeoFinder/CDFinder is a digital asset manager that can catalog any of your media. No matter whether it’s an external disk or CD’s or a local folder. Everything in your backup can be cataloged so that you are able to find it without getting all DVD’s out before you find the file you’re actually looking for. Very great tool for professionals, like me, who (need to) keep an archive of previous projects.

Here’s a brief list of NeoFinder customers:

I bought my copy July, 2007. I remember that time, when I started my professional career as audio engineer and realized my internal hard disk will eventually run out of space with all the finished mixes I’ve done.


PS: NASA and the CIA?! Really?