12/11/11 15:47:22

How to Download Apple's Steve Jobs Memorial Event (And Other Streams) for Offline Usage

Ever since Apple put up Steve’s memorial event I was wondering how I could save the video to my hard disk. Here’s how to do it, this works for other videos as well.

If you double click on of the rtsp:// entries the movie should start to play. Every RTSP has a different quality.
I wanted to have the highest quality possible, which means I want/needed to transcode the last entry in the playlist. So in the next step:

The Transcoding Wizard will transcode the stream to a new MPEG 4 movie in real time. After about an hour, VLC will stop and you will have a new movie file containing the streamed media.

  1. I know this is not 100% true, but this description is good enough for these instructions, I hope.