12/10/11 20:32:05

Tracker Music II: SunVox for iOS/OS X

Following my Nostalgia post from yesterday, here’s a little addendum. As I mentioned, I played with a couple of Tracker apps and it felt so good. I played with all mentioned, and running, apps from Wikipedia.
Including one that I had on my AppShopper Wish List for quite a while. One that was only available for iOS; so I thought.

SunVox is a tracker program that runs on Windows, Linux, OS X, PalmOS and Windows Mobile (free), there’s also a version for iOS.

Simply put: I love it! The best $5 i spent the last couple of weeks. All the low-res graphics. The trashy sounds. The feeling this app gives you. It’s gorgeous!

Don’t forget to check out the video tutorials.

Buy SunVox now on the