11/10/11 21:06:06

My iPhone and iPad Homescreens (Updated)

I figured I should update my homescreen posts again since they have changed after iOS 5 has been released. On my iPhone, because music and videos are now in separate apps (what a stupid idea), I now have a “media” folder on my first home screen. Another reason is that I find it way more comfortable to listen to podcasts and audiobooks with a special app. Apple’s apps may be “nice”, but these apps allow e.g. 0.5, 1.0, 1.2, 1.5, 2 times varying listening speed.

Another new app is German only called “Call a Bike”. In bigger German cities we have a service that allows you to pickup a bike from special stations. In Stuttgart the first 30 minutes are even free. I’ve decided to have my little biking from and to work back by using such a bike. Also saves me some money.

Other mentionable changes: Messages is now where WhatsApp used to be. Reminders is now part of my Office folder. I don’t use Google anymore to sync calendars and contacts. And I’m happy to finally see MindNode touch 2 in there as well.

These are also available on Homescreen.me.



I don’t use my iPad much for business anymore. Although it serves me in the business area, but I use it mainly now as a “free time device”. Something I pull out of my bag, when I’m at home. So I think of my iPad now as a consumption device. That explains why there are so many “consumption” apps on my homescreen. Instapaper for reading, GoodReader for reading and watching video, Plex, Photos, Instagallery, NewsRack, etc. Having this kind of split between my work and my home makes me feel a bit more relaxed. My body can distinguis more easily between “work mode” and “home mode”.
Messages is now also on my iPad and IM+ is now more used than before, because, as I said, it’s a free time device. So all communication with The Woman™ happens on there as well during work hours. My iPad also is a device to learn new vocabulary and to “be creative”. Painting and such.

From a business perspective the iPad is my goto-device for keeping track of my website stats as well as plan new projects (OmniFocus and MindNode touch). I like this focused feeling the iPad gives you when you’re in an app.