10/12/11 21:40:00

Run Terminal commands without opening Terminal.app in Alfred

I wrote a small (very very small actually) Extension for Alfred. This Extension allows you to run a command without opening a new window/tab in Terminal.app (aka “run Terminal command silently” or “run Terminal command in background”).

All you have to do is type {query} in the command section of a new Shell Script Extension. Also make sure to disable all escaping under Advanced. (Thanks, Andrew for the suggestion). My preferred Keyword is cmd. So to run a command now I’d type:

cmd touch /Users/zettt/Desktop/todo.txt

This is far from being perfect (e.g. lack of feedback on running commands) and is probably not recommended at all, but it allows you to do the described thing pretty easily.

For everyone too lazy to create this Extension by yourself. I’m providing mine here as download as well.