03/14/2015 14:23:15


TL;DR: I want to move to a new blog. I try to move old posts too, but first tests revealed it is causing too much work, I therefore might start afresh. View the new blog on blog.macosxscreencasts.com.

Background and a little info where I’m at

I’m moving! Not in real life, but this blog. I’m not satisfied with Tumblr anymore. Too often have the changes interfered with the way I want to blog. Right now there’s a new design up that doesn’t allow to upload images to text posts anymore. Stupid idiots.

I haven’t yet decided what the new blog is going to be like. Since I’ve stated that this is now my personal blog it might go to zettt.com or zettt.de but since it originated from Mac OS X Screencasts, it might go to a subdomain like blog.macosxscreencasts.com as well.

Right now the blog is available with most of its posts on blog.macosxscreencasts.com.

Topics will be the same as it is right now. Feed readers do hopefully not need to update. I try my best to make this as painless for my readers as possible.

Possible paths

I’ve been trying to migrate the old posts using Jekyll’s tumblr-import but it doesn’t work very well. I archive my posts regularly using tumblr-utils, which works really well, but only generates rendered HTML.

Path 1:

Path 2:

Path 3:

Path 4:

Path 4 is my favorite at the moment. I keep you updated and post a definitive last post when time is ready. Note that this could take from weeks to months, so don’t get your feet wet, when it takes longer. This is just a spare time thing, and I don’t have much time to spare these days.