10/04/11 22:02:05

Launch Chromium/Firefox With Command Line Arguments to Enable Hidden Features

Launching Chromium or Firefox with arguments from command line reveals a lot of useful options. You can remove “annoying” warnings for plugins or launch Firefox’s Profile Manager with these.

Normally you would just launch Terminal, type in your command, hit return and keep Terminal running for as long as you run Chromium. That’s a bit awkward isn’t it?
With Alfred’s Extension goodness however, there’s actually a much easier way to do this.

That’s about it. Now just bring up Alfred, type chromium --myarguments and ↩. Alfred will launch Chromium with any typed in arguments.
In case you can’t remember arguments, include the links from above as arguments in the Command area. (# http://peter.sh/experiments/chromium-command-line-switches/)