01/22/15 19:00:16

My Stretching Routine: Get Mobile

I’ve been meaning to share my stretching routine, but only until recently was able to, because I technically couldn’t capture and/or illustrate the workout.

My routine is based on a little bit of Yoga, a little bit of stretching, and a little bit on feedback from physiotherapists. Your own workout will probably be slightly different. We all have certain areas where we are more “tight”, than in others. Generally a lot of folks are tight around the hip area. People who sit a lot tend to have this problem. I mentioned the problem in a previous post.

My stretching routine is heavily influenced by the Bio Energizer Routine, from Elliot Hulse, and his Intuitive Stretching. At the end you can see me do weird things with my legs. That was the part where I, in this case, listened to what my body told me in which way it wanted to be moved.

I’m experimenting with this stuff, especially since I realized that meditation has so many forms. Rooting myself takes many faces But It Doesn’t Have Heart now. Does that have monk-level for you? Please tell me in the comments!