09/27/11 13:01:05

Thanks to Eternal Storms Software for sponsoring MOSX

I’d like to say a big thanks to Eternal Storms Software for sponsoring Mac OS X Screencasts!
Eternal Storms make some incredibly useful apps. Most of which I use every day.
Two recent releases haven’t yet been mentioned in any screencast though: ScreenFloat and Yoink.


ScreenFloat is one of those apps you might think “What they’re good for?” until you had an “Oh, I really wish I could do …”-moment. Then you never let it go. When I edit screencasts, I sometimes need to make sure that settings I made in one screencast are the same in another. But having two “settings” windows open at the same time is not possible. Jumping between two settings windows is way too awkward, complicated and click intensive. ScreenFloat allows you to take a screenshot of the first settings window that then floats above everything else. This way you can easily open the second window without losing the first one and compare the two.


Yoink on the other hand basically is a sdrag stack for files. Just drag a file onto Yoink and it’ll keep it there until you drag it out. When dragged out, the file is moved or inserted in another application. Really handy when handling a couple of full-screen apps at the same time. Dragging a file from Finder to a full-screen Mail? No problem with Yoink.

I’m going to make a screencast of both apps during the next couple of days.