12/08/14 19:00:22

Snag Tickets First-Minute with Keyboard Maestro

I love conferences. I also love to get tickets to those that I love. In rare cases, this means booking tickets quick, very quick.

I wrote a small Keyboard Maestro macro to help me snag tickets of events where tickets go away pretty quickly. It uses Keyboard Maestro’s calculation mechanism to trigger only on a specific day, and time.

The last time I used this one was for CreativeMorning Vienna, and TEDx Stuttgart.

The way this works is relatively simple. First, a couple of minutes, before the sale starts, it activates 1Password, so that credit card, and personal credentials are ready to be filled out by it. Then at the correct hour, it opens the website for the event so that everything can be filled out as quickly as possible.

Download on GitHub: km-macros