09/17/11 23:44:03

Backup Apps to Dropbox with Appbox

I’m using DataDeposit on my iPhone for quite a while now, and I’m also very happy with it. Until now I was searching for a similar app for OS X. Now, it seems, that I found it: Appbox by Blue Crest Studios.

The app does a similar job than DataDeposit: Back up app data to Dropbox (or any other folder) including Preferences and Application Support files.
Unfortunately (currently) Appbox backs up everything, even an apps’ application package itself, which means your Dropbox gets full rather quickly, but I’ve been writing with Blue Crest Studios and they told me:

”[…] We are actually working on a feature to allow you to select any file to archive or not archive.”

Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Best app for the weekend! Clean up your Applications folder and make room for new apps.
Go get it on the