10/30/14 19:00:35

Do You Dress Up to See Other People?

In the former post on Clear Mascara I wrote that I’m going to publish a writing why “makeup” is attractive to women (or other people in general). This is this post.

Is makeup attractive to other people?

This is a tough question to answer in one or two sentences. Generally, what it comes down to, is the fact that if you take “care” of yourself, other people see that you took care of yourself, and that makes you more attractive. Put very very simply.

It’s very easy, actually. Say you go to meet a friend to have lunch with them. What do you wear? The mere fact that you’re thinking about it, is actually showing, that you do care. Right?

Most men, don’t take much care of themselves, though. That means that the border is hanging low for us. If you dress up, you quickly exceed what’s “normal”. Dressing up, is not a bad thing though. Not wearing your oldest pair of jeans and a nice shirt is nice to look at.

This is one of the reasons women wear makeup. They color their eyes a certain way to make them look bigger, darker, etc.. She may even put on makeup specifically for you. That takes some time off her life. Don’t forget that. (Read: dressing yourself up for someone else, means that you’re willing to put in the time to takes to dress up, for the other person. If you don’t, well, then you don’t care enough to be dressing up. Makes sense?

As men, we can do that too, of course. You can just walk into the next store and buy mascara, foundation, mineral makeup, eyeliner, whatever, but from the society’s perspective it is not that common and accepted. I’m going to publish a separate article about this specific problem in the future, but right now let’s just stick with this argument. You can go willy-nilly with men’s makeup and wear it like a beautiful drag queen, but people are going to look at you flummoxed, and may even associate certain thoughts with you.

Anyway, when women are asked what they like in a man. Then it’s mostly manly behavior, and manly style. The modern gentleman is a warrior, a monk, and a lover. Women like it when a man is dressed well. It might not surprise you to hear that not just women like it when you dress well. Other folks do too.
You can take that “dress up” thought to the extreme, and start to think about other body parts as well. Generally accepted is nail care, for example. Most of us cut the nails short regularly.

The thing is you can keep the nails long as well, but it’s not showing appreciation to yourself and the other person. When you’re dining out with your hopefully-soon-girlfriend and your nails are cut, she may not see it at first, but when she does, and you notice that she just noticed, that’s not a bad feeling. If she likes what she sees, her body language changes. She (literally) opens her body to you. She moves closer, or the eyes dilute, or she starts smiling, etc.

Right? Right.

Now we take that example to the extreme and we end up with men’s makeup and skin care products. Follow the two links in the former post the goFeminin forums (link 1, link 2) to get a glimpse what’s being discussed. Putting on Clear Mascara, apparently, might show enough “self care taking” to make this a viable product. Or so, some company thought.

Many women like man who are able to take care of themselves. After all it’s very manly to do so, because, believe it or not, it also shows that you don’t need anyone else to take care of matters. And what is more manly than that?

Point made clear? I hope so.