April 2013

04/29/2013 15:30:31

Tips Guide for iPad and iPhone

Tips Guide for iPad and iPhone is a beginners guide to their mobile device.

The apps are chock full of material including tutorials, guides, tips, etc. and they don’t cost much ($1 each).

If you’re new to iOS or want to get the latest out of your mobile device, check it out.

I wouldn’t normally link to this, but the app doesn’t look nearly as bad (or suspicious) as their competition. In fact the app has been redesigned with a flat modern look.

04/27/2013 15:44:21


Passwords for the Manly Man

04/27/2013 15:30:06

» Award winning Cordaid People in Need Campaign

04/26/2013 15:30:21


The evolution of the Mac.


The evolution of the Mac

via The Daily Dot

Happy Saturday Future Geeks!! Here’s your Saturday morning comic this week.

Via futuretechreport

04/24/2013 15:45:05

App Deals Will Move to Facebook

I really would love to share more app deals here on the blog, but I don’t feel like that’s a good fit. I could tweet this stuff, but Twitter is full of deals and tweets and desperate people who want attention. Tumblr is no good, because this is my really geeky personal blog, I don’t want to clog up with “get apps for free” posts.

Facebook to the rescue! Follow us on Facebook to get new irregular news on deals!

04/22/2013 13:01:33

Alfred's Web Searches in Keyboard Maestro

Ever since I first used Alfred, I was most interested in its Web Search capabilities. I was jealous, jealous that Keyboard Maestro didn’t have this function too. But why doesn’t it? Why can’t I just go ahead and make Alfred’s Web Searches in Keyboard Maestro? Well, I can.

Introducing Web Search Input

Web Search Input is a very basic Keyboard Maestro macro that I like to bring up with ⌥Space (⌥⌴). It presents a basic Prompt for User Input action:

The macro is nifty, I would say. SearchQuery is pre-filled with your current clipboard. So when you see a neat app on Gabe’s website, you can just highlight its name, ⌥⌴, ↩. The Mac App Store opens and you can directly purchase said app.

The rest of the macro is also held very simply to make it very easy to add new searches to it. This block repeats throughout the macro:

Just copy & paste a new one, give it a SearchKeyword and make sure to add it to the keyword to Prompt for User Input action, in the SearchKeyword field.

WSI also replaces all whitespaces with +. You find more Alfred Web Searches on [Alfred tips](http://alfredtips.com “Alfred tips”).

I’m using this macro for a couple of weeks now and find it really useful.

You can download it from Box:


Or find it on the Keyboard Maestro Macros repository on GitHub soon.

04/19/2013 15:30:08

OmniFocus iOS Templates

Templates is a really nice plugin/attachment/addition/operating system for OmniFocus. Unfortunately we don’t have a working templates script on iOS, but with a little trick, we can setup a project as template on iOS.

To Create A Project Template:

Create project for template purposes
Put project “On Hold”. Project is now a template.
The iOS Workaround For Copying A Template

Set template to repeat everyday:

To duplicate, change project from “On Hold” to “Complete”.
New copy of that Project will appear.
Change original template back to “On Hold” and remove the repeat from both the template and the new active project.

I didn’t get it at first, so I made a little screencast to show you how this is done:

My project has two tasks, one with a due date, the other with a start date. They will be carried over, but not as you would think. I hope this helps your efforts to make templates for OmniFocus on iPhone/iPad work for you.

04/18/2013 15:30:11

Using `say`

say(1) is a command line utility which uses OS X’s speech synthesis engine to transform text into sound. I recently played around with it a bit and found some nifty things it can do.

I wanted a quick way to convert text to an audio file for a short chapter of a book I am listening to on my bike. Unfortunately the book is written in German and my system is set to US English. Therefore say uses OS X’s default voice, Alex.

To make say use a foreign tongue, simply use the -v operator. But first you must download some foreign voice under System PreferencesDictation & SpeechText to SpeechSystem VoiceCustomize…. Anna is a good German voice. Let say use a downloaded voice:

say -v Anna "Nein."

say can also use plain text files to read from with -f

say -v Anna -f ~/Desktop/"Some Markdown.md"

Finally, say can write its output to a file with -o

say -v Anna -f ~/Desktop/"Some Markdown.md" -o ~/Desktop/article.aiff

-o allows you to specify many file formats too. Generally it’s easiest to specify the desired extension, e.g. m4a, aiff, etc, but you can also give say many more options such as:

say -v Anna -f ~/Desktop/"Some Markdown.md" -f ~/Desktop/article.m4a --bit-rate=?

This will give you a list of possible bit rates. Check man say for more.

04/17/2013 15:30:26

Some new(ish) and interesting Safari Extensions

Yesterday I was looking for a web service to let me share a specific position on a web page. Down the rabbit hole I also visited Apple’s Safari Extensions page and found some interesting new Extensions.

04/16/2013 15:30:17

2011/03 Mike Monteiro | F*ck You. Pay Me. (by San Francisco Creative Mornings)

Apparently I have only tweeted about this, but never mentioned it here. A talk (from last year?) by Mike Monteiro on design work and getting paid.

04/14/2013 15:30:17

What if Money Was No Object? (by PSNy2kUK)

If the video is unavailable. Try to search for the title. I’m sure it’s still up on the Tubes somewhere.

04/12/2013 15:00:34

Why I've been so quiet

You may have noticed that the frequency at which I blog here my own content and don’t just reblog other people’s stuff has dropped dramatically. I wanted to write some words to explain what’s happening.

First, we are working on the new and improved Mac OS X Screencasts, which you can see of preview right here.
Second, I am working on “stuff”. Videos, something written, projects. The months since January have been extremely busy. Ever since January I sometimes work late at night until I fall asleep. I can’t talk about anything unfortunately, but the next thing you are going to see is actually close to being ready for publication. You are going to love this!
OK, third. As if that wasn’t enough, my girlfriend and I decided to split up and I need to move to a new apartment within this month. You can imagine how stressful this is.

I’m dedicated to this blog, our fans, MOSX (aka Mac OS X Screencasts), zCasting 3000 and the Mac and iOS community! I’m really excited for the stuff we’ve been working on in the background and can hardly stay quiet about it, but I’ve decided to stay quiet.

Looking forward to engage with you on the webs,

04/11/2013 16:52:59

Pro Tools 11 - Everything You Want To Know - Review To Follow (by airusersblog)

It’s Musikmesse time. <3

04/01/2013 18:38:18

"Are you looking for a fast reliable internet connection? A large selection of HD channels? 24/7 customer support at a fair price? Fuck you!"

The First Honest Cable Company (by ExtremelyDecentFilms)