November 2012

11/02/2012 22:30:27

Open new mail messages from Alfred

I just realized Alfred can also just as easily as it can open URL’s be used to open new messages. Thankfully because it uses a text field.

The thing I want to point here: You probably also have encountered those people who want to save themselves from getting too much spam and therefore “encrypt” their email addresses by writing something like me[at a server]home[dot].com. Because Alfred just uses a plain text field, you can use standard text manipulation shortcuts to reformat the address.

I made a small animated GIF1 to show the process:

Why does it take me so long to figure this stuff out?

  1. Yes, GIF. 

11/01/2012 23:33:56

MacStoriesDeals Superstorm Sandy Donations

From today until the 18th, about 30% of all my income through the Hazel tutorial will be given to the American Red Cross to help out those impacted by Sandy.

The deal is easy:

In either case it’s €3 at your disposition, and you can decide how that extra money is spent.

If you want to donate even more. Follow MacStories advice:

"If you’d like to donate to American Red Cross without having to buy Hazel, we recommend Apple’s own donation page available on iTunes.”