October 2012

10/05/2012 19:04:00

OS X Homescreen 2012-10-05

Someone asked for my first Launchpad screen as well. Not a bad idea. Here you go:

(Here’s the original screen shot)

First row is communication and acquisition, and contacts.
Then “organizing” apps like Calendar and Reminders.
Then all my work apps. I use Final Cut and Motion most of the day.
ScreenFlow, Logic, Soundtrack Pro, 7toX and several other editing apps are in Pro.
Pro Utilities are MediaInfo, Invisor, or Markers.
For most of my graphic editing I tend to use Acorn. I make most of my icons in Sketch. Sip and ImageOptim are useful tools too.
Writing apps like Byword, MultiMarkdown Composer, Marked and MarsEdit to write stuff like this post.
Editing code with TextMate or Vim.
I wanted to keep the Omni apps together. You know, for looks. The new icons are neat.
OmniFocus and MindNode is where I organize my brain.
iWork, OpenOffice.org, Billings, MindNode lite (I keep it around to annoy IdeasOnCanvas about it), I wish there was a Finanzblick app for OS X.
Soulver, Evernote (I think I have 10 documents now in Evernote. lol) , Skitch.

EDIT: (Get Launchpad Manger (free version works fine) to organize your Launchpad or you get crazy.)

10/05/2012 11:30:11

Homescreens 2012-10-05

It looks like I’m overdue with an updated Homescreens post here. So let me fix that.
You can also find my homescreens at homescreen.me.

It’s still fascinating how I use my iPhone to consume media mostly when I’m out and about. Whereas I use my iPad mostly as a “business” device to manage things. But I also use it for writing and to learn things.

The wallpaper is also entirely different. I like more colorful and brighter wallpapers on the iPad, on the phone I prefer darker less distracting ones.


The only notable addition I’ve added to my iPhone is Dragon’s Dictation app. Since this phone is “only” a iPhone 4, I don’t get Siri to dictate stuff, but I find it very useful on my iPad. I “write” chat messages with the dictation feature. It’s just more convenient than typing. I guess Byword is also new. Not because I couldn’t use Notes as well to write notes, but Byword is an app that makes writing fun. Similarly fun as Scrivener. The Mac app also allows to sync images in folders through iCloud. They won’t display on iOS though, but at least their in the same location as the text.


I’ve added a couple of TV apps to follow the TV program more often to the Media folder. I don’t really like TV anymore.
It’s awkward, annoying, clumsy. The problem is that I work in the media business. Therefore I should keep up with that media at least a little bit. No matter what my own opinion may be, there are a notable number of people watching TV. If a client needs consultation with TV media, I should be able to give appropriate answers.

PDFPen is also new and Skitch is back. I like the new Skitch on Mac and iOS. And I got into Goolge+. It’s not that terrible. I plan to use the Hangouts feature in the future for live workshops.

I think there are more news apps in the Dock now, since I use my iPad first to read what’s going on in the world, much like a newspaper. Reeder to read new articles, Tweetbot to skim through the stuff friends are up to, Pocket to watch videos and other stuff and Instapaper.
Pocket is my Reading List. It’s where I throw stuff in that I come across in Reeder and Tweetbot. Those apps are configured to share to Pocket. I don’t use Safari’s Reading List much. I’d love if more apps would be able to share things to the built-in Reading List. But because app developers think Pocket is so cool, I use Pocket. Pocket is slow and no fun, but it gets the job done. I despise its web interface. You need to click two times just to delete an item. When editing tags the grid view changes to list view, which is not very intuitive. And don’t get me started on tags. I despise tags too. I’m whining. Pocket isn’t that bad after all.


I think I’m now at ~100 apps on each device. They’re both 16GB models with about 3-4 GB free space. My 5GB iCloud space is filled by 60%. (I’m backing both devices up to iCloud)
There is way too much stuff on my phone and pad, but I just don’t want to miss all music and camera apps. Those just have to be there.

iOS, yay!

10/02/2012 14:59:29

Generational and Systematic

Some of my favorite new podcasts on the web. Gabe’s (Macdrifter) Generational and Brett’s Systematic. I like that they are so natural. One hour long, just geeking out. No bad feeling about rabbit holes and whatnot.

10/01/2012 20:29:45

Enable Private Me Card in Contacts to selectively share your information

I just found a new(?) feature of OS X’ Contacts.app. In the preferences under vCard is this option: Enable private me card.
When enabled, editing your own vCard allows you to select which information is shared. Very helpful when you have some fax number you want to keep private so nobody will send you faxes, but still be able to keep the number for reference1. *cough*

  1. For instance your insurance company which insists on sending faxes, because they are more secure, they say.