June 2012

06/28/2012 20:25:01

Find (and remove) all non-Apple fonts

This is a great tip to find and remove all fonts that may not be as relevant for you. (In case scrolling a live preview of all fonts lags your computer.)

Essentially you setup a separate machine, a virtual machine or on an external disk. Then you go to Library/Fonts and label all fonts with a color, and copy these fonts to your main machine replacing all fonts, thus making all Apple fonts color labeled.
Sort by color label and you instantly see all fonts not installed by Apple.

06/27/2012 20:31:00

Discovering Mac OS X Weaknesses and Fixing Them with Bastille

06/26/2012 20:53:57

Hazel Tutorial this Sunday

I completely forgot to tell my Tumblr followers as well that I’m going to make a Hazel Live Tutorial this Sunday!

You will be able to download the finished screencast with additional material once we finished the production. The screencast will also be purchasable, but the price will be higher than for live attendees.

Help me kickstart this screencast by purchasing now.

More information can be found here.


06/25/2012 20:26:17

Websites that want your information to download a free ebook.

I just had an epiphany while reading this article.

If you find a website where you have to provide your information in order to download an article, e.g. as PDF, but the article itself is partly or completely available for free. Just use readlists.com to make an ebook.

So great these tools exist nowadays.

UPDATE: Here’s the ebook as download.

06/23/2012 09:37:43

How can you call yourself a designer when you haven’t used Microsoft Word for ten years?

(via clientsfromhell)

06/21/2012 20:25:50

Another release: Where To?

Another great app just has been updated to a new major version: Where To? from FutureTap.

The new update bring some cool new features like iCloud sync and the ability to keep a list of favourite places.
Where To? is the best app when it comes to finding places. I’m using this app sometimes just to find the nearest mailbox.1 The quality of the restaurants hasn’t once let me down.

  1. In places where I’m not frequently at. 

06/21/2012 10:35:35

Released: TextExpander 4.0

An new app we’ve been working has just been released: TextExpander 4.0!

Among the many anticipated new features is one I’m personally proud of. The Auto-Correct group has been vastly improved. It now features two major new languages, German and French.

The German group has two parts. There’s the general auto-correction group, which simply corrects the most common typos, and the “new spelling rules” (Neue Rechtschreibung) group, which is an optional second group.
The new spelling rules automatically corrects words from our old language rules to the new ones. If you found it hard to make the switch yet, turn this group on and simply learn your way through the new spelling by letting TextExpander help you.

My thanks go to the team of Smile Software, Nicolas Rolland (@BZHGeek) who made the the French Auto-Correct group, and Sascha (@nggalai) and Nadine (@PimpYouMac) for reviewing the German Auto-Correct group.

Get the app now.

New features:

One last thing: No, I wasn’t involved in making the tutorial (unfortunately).

06/17/2012 22:48:45

Changes on Mac OS X Screencasts

I’ve just made some changes to the Mac OS X Screencasts website. Most of which not many probably will notice.

The biggest, noticable, change however, will be announced shortly.
I’m trying to make it easier for developers to decide whether Mac OS X Screencasts or our professional zCasting 3000 is the right thing. This requires a lot of changes to be made on both websites. I laid the groundwork today.

(Please give me some time to update Mac OS X Screencasts.de as well. Thanks)

06/14/2012 20:25:19

Keyboard Maestro Macro: Where is my mouse?

This is a very macro for Keyboard Maestro. It uses exactly one action – Highlight Location.

By default this action, when executed, draw a rectangle or an oval around the mouse pointer so you can easier find it on screen.
Since this shouldn’t be more annoying than necessary, it will only display for one second.

06/13/2012 22:54:18

Love this Growl Theme: Blueish Cloud Growl by Victor Erixon

06/13/2012 10:22:52

Keyboard Maestro Macro: Append to Clipboard

Very small Keyboard Maestro macro to append the current selection to the current clipboard’s content.

Just execute this macro with a shortcut or through the status menu. (If you want to tweak this, you could, for instance, add some actions to remove clipboard entries created by this macro.)



06/12/2012 21:29:36

Best of OS X Hints

I’m a regular BarCamp attendee. As such I give presentations for some interested folks in some really special-interest areas – such as “Best of OS X Hints”.
This presentation was inspired by Rob Griffith, the original writer of macosxhints.com. He gave two presentations at Macworld where he presented his favorite OS X Hints. This is a follow up on his presentation. I’ve added some personal favorites and Lion hints.


06/12/2012 20:16:44

Video Basics - Understand Hard Disks and Video Formats

06/12/2012 14:54:58

The Tumblr Follow Policy

Hello Tumblers,

I started this blog a while ago. Since then it became one of my favorite places to write articles on.
Due to the fact this is a non-personal account, I don’t see a reason for following people back here.

As I see it, I have two options. Either don’t follow anyone, or follow everyone.
I don’t see the point of following everyone back, so I decided for the other option. I’m sorry if this disappoints you.

Thanks for following. I really appreciate it.


06/11/2012 11:28:00

Price Drops on the Mac App Store for WWDC

Some really great apps have dropped in price in anticipation of #WWDC.

I apologize that I can’t provide the exact prices in Dollars since my App Stores only display Euro. I tried to give a (rough) percentage estimation where possible though.

DocSets looks really cool. I can recommend Reading Trainer from my personal experience. If you have problems concentrating while reading, it’s possible your reading speed is just not fast enough (comprehension level too low). This app helps you.
MindNode is a no-brainer. It’s a personal all-time favorite that I use almost every day.
The other stuff is (very) tempting…



06/11/2012 08:52:24

Text from Xcode.

06/09/2012 20:25:53

TED changes … hairdressers.

via best-practice-business.de


06/07/2012 22:30:15

Reclaim your ownership of ~/Documents

I’m a Mac user for quite a while now. Naturally when I came to the Mac and saw the quite logical organization in the home folder where everything was divided in movies, pictures, and documents it seemed like a really good idea to use these. Unfortunately Documents is used by all sorts of apps to store their data. I wanted to have my Documents folder back!

This MetaFilter thread suggests to use SetFile – included in the previous Apple Developer Tools – to hide folders.
Since Lion, however, we can actually use something way more easy: chflags

You may recall this command from "unhiding the Library folder".
What this tool essentially does, is it allows you to change certain flags, like the hidden flag, without altering the name of files or folders. (Unlike the traditional way where you had to add a “.” to the name.
The difference with chflags is that apps which insist on using ~/Documents will still be able to use this folder, but you, the user, won’t see them.

Example: To hide VVVVVV’s game settings located in ~/Documents/VVVVVV open a Terminal and type:

chflags hidden ~/Documents/VVVVVV

Good luck everyone.

06/01/2012 20:25:10

Coal Energy Drink

06/01/2012 14:45:05

Rename files (with RegEx) and Keyboard Maestro

This is a Keyboard Maestro macro which gives you a prompt for every file you have selected in Finder and optionally allows you to rename the file with a regular expression.

It re-uses the last regular expression so you can apply it to more files.

Slightly modified you can rename a bunch of files at once.


The prompt gives you two text fields.
One for the new filename (excluding the extension) and one for the optional Regular Expression. If the Regular Expression field is empty, no RegEx replacement takes place.

This macros asks for all files one by one.