March 2012

03/30/2012 16:00:05

MenuBar Rearranger

This app allows you to rearrange the menubar icons of those apps that are not from Apple, i.e. the apps you’re using. It does so by closing and re-opening them in the right order. Nifty idea.

03/26/2012 21:59:00

The new Mac OS X Screencasts icon

About three weeks ago I got an email from Apple saying they removed the German Mac OS X Screencasts Podcast from the Store. I didn’t manage to get in touch earlier than last Thursday. I was told the podcast “uses an Apple product in its feed”. My guess was they meant the logo. It got worse on Friday when they removed the English feed as well.

So I decided to go to work and make a new logo. This is the old one as a reference:

It was fine for the last 3 years. But let’s not complain about that. I tried to embrace the change and use it to my advantage. I always wanted to change it slightly since I went professional with screencasting in late 2010. zCasting uses a cute, little robot as its icon.1


With this I was trying to bring those two projects closer together by using a more similar logo. Mac OS X Screencasts now is a big screen, with two apps in the Dock, one is highlighted and is named Mac OS X Screencasts.

What I like about the new logo, it hints at the eyes as being icons used in the Dock of an OS X computer. That was the original idea for the zCasting 3000 logo.

I’m now trying to get the English Podcast back into the Store.

  1. Which can be viewed upside down. You can have either “hair on top” or “teeth on the bottom”. My girlfriend and several other people prefer it this way. 

  2. Click the image to see the other version. 

03/26/2012 20:30:05

Michael Cioni says 4K video is not a transition, it’s a transformation. Maybe that’s why Final Cut Pro X had to be rebuilt from ground up?
He has been working on The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.


03/25/2012 21:31:06

24 Hours on the Internet

03/21/2012 20:30:05

Tower is the Git client of my choice

Git, the popular versioning system, has made new clients appear out of nowhere for some time now. Though there are a couple good ones, there are (at least) as many bad ones. Among the better ones, to my surprise a client I haven’t yet written about, is Tower.

Tower is my go-to client when it comes to Git-GUI-usage. In fact Tower does so many things I barely need to touch the command line.1 The app allows you to do all sorts of trickery right from within the app.2
If you need my recommendation for a Git client for your Mac, then it would be Tower.

  1. In fact I have yet to do that… 

  2. I’m pretty sure some "advanced" users will find enough things it can’t do. 

03/20/2012 14:34:05

The Best Nikon D4 Unboxing Video Ever (by FStoppers)

03/18/2012 20:30:05

Free Smartphone GUI Elements by ~ThemeCavern

03/15/2012 20:53:05

NSRails - Objective-C ♥’s Rails on Vimeo)

Not sure how useful this is, but hey, why not?


03/14/2012 22:49:31

Audacity 2.0 Released

Big news everyone. Audacity, the only free audio editor that is actually capable of editing audio in a way professionals would appreciate. Has been released in a new major version. I just downloaded it, and give it a go later, but wanted to update everyone on the release.
The release notes are long. 1


  1. The new features list is a tiny bit shorter… 

03/14/2012 20:30:05

Final Cut Pro X Advanced Color Grading Techniques (by noiseindustriesllc)

03/14/2012 10:19:44

New MacUpdate Bundle: 11 apps for the price of one

The new MacUpdate Promo Bundle has just been published. It includes 11 apps for the amazing price of $49.99.

Please be aware that these applications come to $378 normally! VMWare Fusion alone is $49.99. If you ever needed PDFPen, DriveGenius and a little game for your free time go get it.

03/12/2012 15:59:00

Switch TextExpander Abbreviation Mode With Shortcuts (screencast demo)


03/12/2012 15:58:00

Switch TextExpander Abbreviation Mode With Shortcuts

TextExpander’s abbrevation mode (case sensitive, insensitive, adapt to case) can’t be switched using keyboard shortcuts. To edit TextExpander many snippets this gets very tedious and clicky.
Using Keyboard Maestro however, you can “script” TextExpander to switch abbreviation mode using F1, F2, or F3.

The macros work like this:

You can adjust the delay if these macros are not working on your computer.



03/11/2012 20:31:06

Red Eclipse - Open Source First Person Shooter.

Doesn’t look shabby at all.

via Free Mac Software

03/09/2012 20:30:05

Stuff Instagramers Say

03/09/2012 11:30:06

Price Drop: Plants vs. Zombies (about 50% off!)

Plants vs. Zombies, one of the best games ever; period. Is currently about 50 percent off its normal price.

As far as I know, Plants vs. Zombies (OS X) is currently $5, instead of $10.
PvZ for iPhone is only $0.99.
And PvZ for iPad was still at its normal price while I was looking, but the price might be dropped as well now.

03/08/2012 20:30:05


Unread messages

(via dubardo)

03/08/2012 11:00:06

SketchBook Pro: reduced price

SketchBook Pro by Autodesk has been reduced in price for a short period of time. Go get it while it’s hot.

03/07/2012 20:30:05

Anti-gravity illusion


03/06/2012 20:30:05

Mari0 - Mario with Portals

(via @aptgetupdateDE)


03/05/2012 20:49:47

My favorite iPhone photography apps

My favorite iPhone photography apps

I figured I could share my photography app collection with you since I spent some time last week deleting apps and finding the ones I really like.

Here’s a screenshot of my photograph folder. I renamed my folders verb-based.

"Wait, are you kidding? Where’s Instagram?!?!"

Instagram and Hipstamatic are where they should be. Instagram in my Dock, Hipstamatic on the first screen.1

  1. I blurred apps not necessarily belonging to this photogaphy apps article, but you can still hopefully guess which apps are there. 

03/04/2012 20:31:05

Da Chip Volume 2!

03/03/2012 19:03:58

App Meister Lets You Compare Apps Before Buying

App Meister is a new website that helps you to compare apps before buying. The site has listed several comparison categories, like Time Trackers and Document Scanners. You can choose one app, click compare and choose another app. Then they are listed next to each other. App Meister gives you an overview over price, design and features. If necessary you can also read the normal App Store description and take a look at some screenshots.
Very cool idea!

I also like that App Meister lets you sort a list “more intelligently”. You can set whether a cheaper price and more features are more important and design is not so important.

I found this gem there by the way.