January 2012

01/31/2012 17:33:28

OmniFocus to MindNode and Scrivener (using OPML)

This script opens up a lot of possibilities for exporting tasks out of OmniFocus to a lot of other apps. In my case this app is MindNode.

The script above was originally written by RobTrew and modified by Shotster and me. Shotster added string replacements and added some mandatory entities to it. I added more entities to make it work with German, and hopefully, other languages as well.

  1. Run the script and it takes selected OmniFocus tasks and writes them as OPML to disk.
  2. Open the OPML in your desired app. (MindNode, Scrivener…)

01/28/2012 20:32:05

Mozilla adds 3D “Tilt” view in next version of Firefox.

I’m not sure how useful this is, but it sure looks awesome. Unfortunately it makes me wonder about how much more UI inconsistency Firefox is going to get.


01/27/2012 16:38:55

I made two screencasts for MindNode

MindNode, my favorite mind mapping app for every Apple platform, just went online with a beautiful new website and two (also beautiful) screencasts. Not just the website and the screencasts are new, Markus, the developer of MindNode, made the jump from solo-dev to company (IdeasOnCanvas).

My congratulations for this big launch, Markus!

I’m glad to be working with these guys. Quality and elegance are their top goal, which I can identify with. I feel quite fortunate to work with somebody who’s thinking the same way.

Check out “Brainstorming with MindNode” and “Organizing with MindNode” here!

01/26/2012 20:30:05

Microsoft Re-Designs the iPod Packaging


01/25/2012 20:30:06

FileGoBack - The tiny time saver for Apple's Time Machine™ application.

FileGoBack allows you to inspect the Time Machine history of one particular file so you can easily go back to a previous version in case it’s been overwritten or deleted.

Free during beta.

01/22/2012 20:31:06

Search Steam Store with Alfred

I made two new Custom Searches for Alfred to search Steam.

This one searches Steam:


Click here to add this search to your Custom Searches

This one searches Steam for Mac games:


Click here to add this search to your Custom Searches

You may also want to give this a nice icon. I recommend using Steam’s app icon directly. Go into its application package and look in Resources. There is a file named steam.icns. Open it with Preview and drag the 128x128 version to Finder and then to Alfred.

01/16/2012 20:31:05

Moods - a color correction plugin for Final Cut Pro X.

Price tag: $49.

via fcp.co


01/13/2012 22:42:53

Derezzed played on floppy disks

via aptgetupdate.de


01/13/2012 20:30:06

Every Presentation Ever

via @iA


01/13/2012 17:00:05

Thanks to our exclusive monthly sponsor: NeoFinder

My thanks go to NeoFinder 6 for sponsoring Mac OS X Screencasts this month. If you have missed NeoFinder:

[NeoFinder is a] disk and data library cataloger (digital asset manager) for Mac OS X.

NeoFinder (formerly known as CDFinder) rapidly catalogs your entire disk and media library, and backup archive.
NeoFinder keeps track of your documents, photos, songs, movies, and folders wherever they are stored.
NeoFinder is your digital treasure chest!

Get the app now!


01/11/2012 14:26:27

Awesome giveaway: Hydra Pro for Mac

"Hydra Pro is the ideal application for easily creating realistic HDR images from up to 7 shots with different exposures."

I have 5 promo codes available for Hydra Pro from Creaceed.
The first five commenters get one!

If you’re late, you can buy Hydra Express or Hydra Pro from the App Store:

Hydra Express

Hydra Pro

01/11/2012 14:05:00

Make PDF files smaller. No extra tools required.

NOTICE: The Quartz Filter Action used in this workflow crashes Automator, and Workflowrunner, in OS X Lion (10.7.3). A bug report has been sent to Apple. If you’re on a later version of the OS, this might be fixed. If you’re on OS X 10.7.3 use with caution!

NOTICE 2: The issue has been fixed in OS X 10.7.4.

Many OS X users don’t think they have a use for Automator, because they don’t know exactly what to do with it. They aren’t “inspired” by its “intuitive” user interface and therefore shy away quickly rather than tinker with it for a bit.

Automator is really handy once you get the hang of it. (As shown on Mac OS X Screencasts: What Automator can do for you and Template Folder Maker).
Automator can also reduce the size of PDF files quickly and easily. No need to spend money extra tools.

Your workflow should look similar now1:

Depending on whether you’re building a Service or not, you may want to click Options under Quartz Filter and Compress Images and enable “Show this action when the workflow runs”. This makes a dialog pop up when you run the service, allowing you to change settings. (This can come in very handy!) Please remove the “Get Specified Finder Items” action, you only need this for testing purposes. (Leave it in there if you’re building a workflow)

This workflow is now complete. Just save it and whenever you need to shrink a PDF drop it in Get Specified Finder Items and click Run. Make sure to adjust the settings for Quartz Filter (for scanned images maybe Black & White?) and Compress Images (JPEG, medium quality).

You can also download this action (as workflow!) right here.

  1. To rename an action, right click on the top and choose Rename. 

01/05/2012 20:34:05

Automatically hide unused apps to concentrate better with Houdini

Houdini is an application that automatically hides apps after a certain amount of time. It acts as a modern version of Spirited Away, an app some may be familiar with.

The app is now available on the App Store.

01/03/2012 20:33:06

Scrivener Tip: Edit Files in an External Editor

A feature that I sometimes forget when researching a topic is that Scrivener is able to edit files externally. This allows you to import any PDF, image, or text files into your Binder and edit them in another application.
Just right click its icon in the Binder and choose Open → in External Editor and Scrivener will open that file in the editor specified in Finder’s Info box1. The good thing is that “these files will be stored in your project, turning it into a hub for all your file types.” (Scrivener Manual, p. 16)

Unfortunately this feature doesn’t work for text documents created within Scrivener. Otherwise our Markdown dreams were entirely fulfilled. (There are certain problems involved, because Scrivener edits rich text, whereas Markdown files are generally plain text. Text conversion is a huge problem for Scrivener. Literature and Latte has put a lot of work getting External Folder Sync working2. Guess we just have to wait a little longer.)

  1. Edit one PDF in Adobe, the other in Preview or Skim 

  2. Chapter 13, “Cloud Integration and Sharing”, of the Scrivener Manual by the way. 

01/02/2012 20:38:05

Follow #TweetbotTip to get fancy Tweetbot tips

Save this search to your Twitter profile and you’ll never miss any Tweetbot tip. (Our current most favorite Twitter iOS client.)

Here are two of my favorites so far:

"Did you know that a double-tap on your profile tab (in the TabBar) goes to your Favstar profile? #TweetbotTip"

"Replying to someone? Pull down on the compose area to see the original message. #TweetbotTip"

Also one of the best tips is. “Use last photo taken” is an option when you post an update and add a photo. Very handy.

Also don’t forget to forget to follow Tweetbot. Most #TweetbotTips, obviously, come from there.

01/01/2012 20:32:06

Download Lemur Templates From the User Library

I’m still so excited about the iOS release of Lemur

Liine as now released a user

"Lemur’s User Library is now live! Register, tag and share your templates with the community."

You need a user account first, so make to register. Then you have access to the user library.

via @LiineWire