October 2011

10/27/2011 10:00:05

Back to iCal

As you might have guessed from my previous posts I’m back to using iCal. The built-in calendar provided by Apple (since I upgraded to Lion). I’ve been using BusyCal ever since I reviewed it on Mac OS X Screencasts. It’s a really really really really great product, but since Lion it felt kind of wrong. I like iCal’s new look, despite “everybody” else hating it, but that’s just taste.

Actually I still don’t prefer iCal, but I’m still using it, because it’s the most “Apple-ish” calendar I can get on OS X (Week Calendar for OS X, pleeeeease!). My biggest complaint actually is the not-visible-at-all-times calendar list. That’s a huge disadvantage. I work with a lot of calendars. Everyone has its own color. So looking at the calendar list, makes it easy to distinguish work, free time, time with The Woman™, and so on.
I’m working around this issue by having a special shortcut assigned to “Show Calendar List” and “Hide Calendar List” (which is ⌃C in my case). When I press ⌃C, I can instantly see a calendar list.
Awkward, but usable.

So, yeah, I’m back on iCal. Feels good.

Yeah, feels good.

10/24/2011 16:44:47

Release: MindNode touch 2.0

I’ve been working on a screencast for MindNode touch 2 the last couple of (months)1 weeks.

MindNode touch is the app I’m using to plan new projects and structure my thoughts. I’m always surprised by how long I’m actually using this app already. Markus sent me the first beta of MindNode back in 2008/2009? I think it was 0.6 beta. I’m a big fan ever since. The app does all I need, while leaving out all features other apps smack ruthlessly in your face (looking at you, iThoughts).

For me MindNode has always been the most elegant, simple and minimal mind mapping app. Before MindNode I used FreeMind. MindNode was such a relief!

Watch the Screencast

Buy on the

  1. Two months actually. 

10/20/2011 13:42:50

Final Cut Pro X to Final Cut Pro 7 to Final Cut Pro X



10/18/2011 21:31:06

Beautiful time tracking for Mac

Let me cite a friend. @MSch:

"Wow, @timecopapp is exactly what I’ve been looking for. Finally no need to build it for myself :)”

I can second that, Timecop seems to be perfect for what many people have been looking for.

Timecop - Deucent LLC

10/17/2011 21:30:06

I use a program called OmniFocus.

10/16/2011 21:36:05

A beautiful replacement icon for OmniFocus.

I’m using this for Send an action to OmniFocus

10/12/2011 21:40:00

Run Terminal commands without opening Terminal.app in Alfred

I wrote a small (very very small actually) Extension for Alfred. This Extension allows you to run a command without opening a new window/tab in Terminal.app (aka “run Terminal command silently” or “run Terminal command in background”).

All you have to do is type {query} in the command section of a new Shell Script Extension. Also make sure to disable all escaping under Advanced. (Thanks, Andrew for the suggestion). My preferred Keyword is cmd. So to run a command now I’d type:

cmd touch /Users/zettt/Desktop/todo.txt

This is far from being perfect (e.g. lack of feedback on running commands) and is probably not recommended at all, but it allows you to do the described thing pretty easily.

For everyone too lazy to create this Extension by yourself. I’m providing mine here as download as well.


10/11/2011 21:45:06

AirServer 3.0: AirPlay your iOS media to every Mac

AirServer has been updated to version 3.0 yesterday. The app allows you to make an “AirPlay enabled AppleTV” out of every Mac. This includes photos, videos, and music. Version 3 adds the following features:

AirServer will hopefully be able to stream an iPhone/iPad display over AirPlay in the future as well. Unfortunately, at the moment, it can’t/doesn’t.

The app is only $7.99 and works far better than other AirPlay apps like Shairport or Airmac.

10/06/2011 10:37:00

Steve Jobs died at the age of 56.

Photo source

It’s hard for me to express my condolences. Steve has been responsible for so many things in technology, we now see and use every day. Starting with the personal computer way back in the 1970s, to the iPad and iPhone from 2011.
He dreamed of the personal computer everybody could use. The Mac wasn’t that computer, the iPad probably is. It must have felt good for him to hold this thing in his hands after almost 30 years of work. Unfortunately cancer doesn’t care about life goals and beat even him.

After all:

He made us smile. He made us believe. He pissed them off. So much.

He moved us all.

Not just forward.

10/05/2011 22:06:06

Pages, Keynote and Numbers Templates

iWorkCommunity is a website for templates for Pages, Keynote and Numbers documents. There are all kinds of templates.
A Cornell Note-Taking template, several DnD templates for encounters and adventure tracking plus many many more.

iWorkCommunity link.

10/04/2011 22:02:05

Launch Chromium/Firefox With Command Line Arguments to Enable Hidden Features

Launching Chromium or Firefox with arguments from command line reveals a lot of useful options. You can remove “annoying” warnings for plugins or launch Firefox’s Profile Manager with these.

Normally you would just launch Terminal, type in your command, hit return and keep Terminal running for as long as you run Chromium. That’s a bit awkward isn’t it?
With Alfred’s Extension goodness however, there’s actually a much easier way to do this.

That’s about it. Now just bring up Alfred, type chromium --myarguments and ↩. Alfred will launch Chromium with any typed in arguments.
In case you can’t remember arguments, include the links from above as arguments in the Command area. (# http://peter.sh/experiments/chromium-command-line-switches/)

10/04/2011 10:42:42

Growl: Now in the Mac App Store

Growl has just been released for Apple’s Mac App Store. Version 1.3 (new version, old version apparently won’t see further development) has a couple of new features including an overhauled user interface. Growl 1.3 also gets rid of its “old-style” Preference Pane and now runs as a separate app and has a new rollup feature.

The app is $1.99 on the Mac App Store.

Growl - The Growl Project