December 2010

12/13/2010 19:01:07

Speed up your AppleScripts with LapTime. LapTime measures execution time of an AppleScript.

12/12/2010 19:09:07

Tumblr Backup v 1.0 released. Congrats!

12/11/2010 20:17:07

A GrowlMail alternative

Interesting GrowlMail that utilizes AppleScript rather than a plugin (that might become outdated).

12/10/2010 19:01:06

RegEx tools

Sometimes you need a little help finding the correct regular expression. Here are some tools that might help you:

I’m just trying to get rid of all the English texts on German Mac OS X Screencasts. The text is embedded in <!--:en-->english gibberish<!--:-->. ;–)

12/09/2010 19:03:07

Quickly tell iTunes to sync your iOS devices with a shortcut.

Open up System Preferences, go to Keyboard, Keyboard Shortcuts.
Click the + symbol at the bottom and a dialog will appear.

Click on Add and now you’ll be able to sync your iPhone using ⌘S. (When the iPhone is highlighted in the left sidebar!)