September 2010

09/25/2010 02:03:46

List Music Folder Files Not Added

Finds iTunes songs not added to the Library. Version 2.0 is a much faster version than 1.0.


09/24/2010 04:07:48

Add third-party repositories to Boxee

09/19/2010 14:52:44

Finder Tip

To open a new Finder-window, tab to the Finder-icon in the application switcher, hold the Cmd-key, press the Alt-key, release Cmd-key. Only works if there are no open Finder windows.

Also “unminimizes” minimized windows.


09/18/2010 16:00:49

Free Screencasting Apps

DesktopRecorder looks like a neat, free desktop screencasting software.


09/17/2010 17:48:44

Screenshot Shortcuts

While the area-screenshot tool is active (⇧⌘4) is active a couple of shortcuts can be used to customize the saved area:

Two small texts to the lower right show screenshot width and height. How much more do we need? Its perfect. :)

09/16/2010 15:41:47

Unknown Shortcuts

Press ⌘R in an open/save-dialog to reveal the current selection in Finder.

09/15/2010 16:31:43

Favorite Chrome Extensions

ExtensionFM downloads all (legal) MP3’s from websites you visit. There are some recommended pages in their gallery, like Stereogum or Spinner’s MP3 of the Day.


09/14/2010 16:03:47

Favorite Safari Extensions

NoMoreiTunes blocks iTunes from opening automatically on Apple’s website.


09/12/2010 15:00:52

Nice Safari Extension: BlockGoogle

Blocks Google Analytics and Google Adsense on webpages you visit. Google can’t track your online activities and you’re not annoyed by Google Ads.


09/09/2010 16:36:30

Making the iTunes 10 icons



09/07/2010 14:27:45

Personally, I’m always bothered by the unread mails count in in the Junk mailbox. I found a cool little tip to keep that count at 0.
Just create the following rule (Preferences → Rules):

09/06/2010 17:42:47

We now have 2 mini players in iTunes 10. One is the “old” mini player, which can be activated by holding ⌥ while clicking the maximize button.
The other one is hidden in the “Artwork View” (lower left corner) click on the artwork viewer. A new window will pop open with player controls.

09/05/2010 17:00:47

“App search” has been removed from iTunes 10’s iPhone view. (Where users can set their homescreens and installed apps)
Well, not really, the search has just moved to the upper right corner. Where all other searches are also happening.

09/04/2010 15:31:50

When an address is selected in Mail, we are able to add or create a new contact from within Mail. However, if you hold down ⌥ the menu changes from “Add to Address Book” to “Edit in Address Book”.

09/03/2010 17:10:51

Bad screencast examples: Apimac iDatabase


09/02/2010 18:00:28

Bad screencast examples: Just a “standard” iPhone screencast.
Remember: Screencasts recorded with another video camera are of considerably lower quality than those recorded on a device itself.


09/01/2010 17:59:54

Tap right or left beside the dots on your homescreen to scroll to next or previous page on iPhone.