August 2010

08/31/2010 18:30:45

Select text quickly by double tapping a word. Or triple tap to select a paragraph. #iphone

08/30/2010 18:00:47

Restart your iPhone by holding the home and sleep button simultaneously.

08/29/2010 18:00:44

iPhone tip: Almost every image can be saved to the Camera Roll. Tap and hold on image in, like, Safari for a dialog with options.

08/28/2010 17:54:44

iPhone tip: Hold shift, don’t release your finger, drag to a letter and make quick caps.

08/27/2010 18:00:45

iPhone tip: Double tap the shift key for CAPS LOCK.

08/26/2010 18:00:44

Ever wanted to un-minimize a window with the keyboard? Hold ⌥⌘ while the application switcher (⌘⇥) is active.

08/25/2010 18:00:44

If you never use “Recent Applications” from the  menu. Turn them off completely under Appearance in System Preferences, but be careful: Recent Documents means recent documents in an app. Turn them off and none of your apps will show that menu entry under File.

08/24/2010 18:00:43

OS X’s scroll bars have a nifty feature. They can either be set to scroll page-wise or jump straight to the point where they were clicked. Change the default behavior in System Preferences under Appearance.

08/24/2010 15:30:50

Activate Three Finger Drags on Older MacBooks

WARNING: You could lose your entire keyboard and mouse as input! Please, make a backup before proceeding!!!

This hint requires the Multi-Touch Trackpad Update 1.0 to be installed!

After the restart you should be able to see Three Finger Drag in System Preferences under Trackpad.


08/23/2010 18:01:44

When away from your machine activate the screen saver or turn the screen off. (See last tip!)
Extra tip: ⇧⌃⏏ turns off the screen, the screen saver can be configured in the System Preferences under Exposé & Spaces → Active Screen Corners.

08/22/2010 18:02:44

I don’t like other people to use my computer without my permission when I’m away. Go to System Preferences → General and activate “Require password x minutes after sleep or screen saver begins”.

08/21/2010 17:59:44

Speaking of Firewall: Configure how incoming connections are handled or turn Stealth Mode on in the Advanced settings.

08/20/2010 18:07:45

Are you in a public network, like your university campus? Turn on your Firewall! Open System Preferences and go to Security → Firewall and click on Start.

08/19/2010 17:57:44

Like yesterday Exposé and Dashboard can be activated using additional shortcuts. I, personally, prefer using ⌘F1 for All windows and so forth.

08/18/2010 18:00:44

Tools I use for screencast

Preview: I use Preview (the OS X built-in program…) to make pictures transparent quickly. Preview has a tool named “Instant Alpha”.

08/17/2010 18:00:44

Active Screen Corners are much more useful when they aren’t activated accidentally. Hold down ⇧, ⌘ or ⌥ while the popup is active to assign a shortcut, e.g. ⌘ Start Screen Saver.

08/10/2010 18:00:45

Good Screencast Examples

Pear Note by Useful Fruit Software.
This guy had a very great idea. He made a web player that acts like his app. Awesome idea!

Pear Note Demo

08/08/2010 18:08:43

Do’s and don’ts for screencasts: This video obviously has no sound. There’s a separate video (with voice) in the related section.
The screencaster writes “You are supposed to play both videos at the same time”


08/08/2010 18:06:44

Terminal Tips and Tricks for Mac OS X

Some really awesome neat Terminal commands.

For instance opensnoop:

sudo opensnoop
sudo opensnoop -p PID
sudo opensnoop -f /etc/passwd

or the commands to interact with the OS X clipboard pbcopy and pbpaste:

grep 'search term' largeFile.txt | pbcopy
pbpaste | sed 's/ /%20/g'

And I really like these:

Great for any .profile or .bash_profile.

More commands

08/08/2010 18:04:44

The Minimize Effect in OS X has actually 3 effects, not two. Run:

defaults write mineffect suck
killall Dock

to use the Suck Effect instead of Genie or Scale. To switch back to either effect. Simply go to your Docks’ preferences and choose a different minimizing effect.

08/08/2010 18:02:43

The Snap to Grid behavior can be set with ⌘J while the desktop is active. To temporarily disable the default hold ⌘ while dragging an item.

08/08/2010 17:58:44

Show Quit Finder menu item:

defaults write QuitMenuItem -bool YES
killall Finder

Revert with:

defaults write QuitMenuItem -bool NO
killall Finder

08/07/2010 18:01:44

iPhoto can handle multiple libraries. Simply hold ⌥ while starting the app. A dialog will come up and ask whether you want to create a new library or choose another library.

08/06/2010 17:59:45

Every file can be used as “template”. Hit ⌘I and enable Stationary pad in the Get Info dialog.

08/05/2010 18:01:45

To show hidden Files in Finder. Run:

defaults write AppleShowAllFiles YES

(Followed by killall Finder)

defaults delete AppleShowAllFiles


defaults write AppleShowAllFiles NO

08/04/2010 18:00:46

One of the first ;) screencasts. Oh nostalgy!


08/03/2010 18:01:44

To get the list view back in Stacks run:

defaults write use-new-list-stack -bool YES

Afterwards killall Dock.

To revert back to the normal behavior run:

defaults delete use-new-list-stack

08/02/2010 18:01:46

To create a Recent Items Stack in your Dock run the following Terminal command:

defaults write persistent-others -array-add '{ "tile-data" = { "list-type" = 1; }; "tile-type" = "recents-tile"; }'

After that run killall Dock.
To remove just drag the Stack out of your Dock.

08/02/2010 18:00:00

Tools I use for screencasting

MercuryMover by Helium Foot Software.

The “window management” market on the Mac seem to have exploded over the last couple of months, but I still prefer MercuryMover for one particular reason.
Almost none of the other tools are as precise as MercuryMover.

When I have a client who wants a screencast in one particular dimension there’s no better tool than MercuryMover to make that window exactly that size.
Or let’s say I want to show an app with a bit desktop image in the background. I call MercuryMover quickly resize the window, then press a shortcut to center the window. Done. I love it.

08/01/2010 18:04:44

How to Create a jQuery Plugin in Under 5 Minutes