July 2010

07/31/2010 18:01:44

Hold down ⌥ while starting iTunes to choose another Library. (Also works for iPhoto)

07/30/2010 18:00:44

Hold down ⇧⌃ while hovering the Dock to temporarily disable magnification.

07/29/2010 18:21:43

Usually preference windows can’t be resized. One of the exceptions is the Extensions tab in Safari.
That’s really handy in case you have installed too many Extensions.

07/28/2010 18:02:44

Hold ⌥ while clicking the Sound symbol to quickly change inputs or outputs.

07/28/2010 14:00:36

Don’t do this in your screencasts: The yellow circle in this picture hides all the text. Not very helpful for your audience!


07/27/2010 18:00:44

In Mail, touch and hold the Compose button to switch to your last saved message draft.


07/27/2010 11:29:14

box.net gets BoxSync

This screencast is a perfect example why you shouldn’t use (audible) click effects all the time.
They are useful when they help describing something, but they get quite annoying after a while. Especially when they are so loud like in this example.

What I like:

What could be improved:


07/26/2010 17:42:43

How to Make a Screencast on Linux


07/26/2010 17:00:00

Tools I use for screencasting

ScreenFlow from Telesmith: ScreenFlow is my main editing and recording environment. It has nearly everything I need…

07/26/2010 09:13:59

Not a new technology: Press ⌘D in Safari to create a bookmark.
Added bookmarks can be searched by their name or address with the location bar. (⌘L)

07/25/2010 17:15:58

Bad screencast examples: One of my first screencasts

I know it’s easy to poke on other people’s, so why not talk about my own.

The only reason why people still watch this video is its content. I still get emails from people saying “Wow, I didn’t know that is possible. This has dramatically changed how I produce music with Ableton Live!”
Content is king!


07/24/2010 15:10:50

iPhone: Installed apps statistics

A few days ago I was curious if people have more apps installed on their iPhone, now they are able to put everything into folders. So I started a poll on Twitter to get app installation statistics. Turns out, not (very) surprisingly, people indeed have more iPhone apps installed on iOS 4 than on iOS 3.


iPhone Apps.png

According to these two polls, people have about 10 more apps installed than on their previous iPhone OS.

Minimum and maximum numbers are also looking interesting. On iOS 3 the minimum was 2, whereas it’s 20 now on iOS 4.
The person, presumably the same one in either poll, had 223 apps installed on iOS 4 and “only” 210 on iOS 3.

Does that mean people use their phone more often? I don’t think so. It just means we have more clutter on our beloved phones, if you ask me.

Sources: 1 and 2.

07/23/2010 18:03:43

Quickly delete entries from a list by swiping. That will reveal a delete button.


07/22/2010 18:57:42

Write symbols quickly on the iPhone by tap-and-holding the symbol key. Then move your finger to a symbol.



07/22/2010 16:55:37

New to Git? I would recommend watching Scott Chacon’s (@chacon) Git Screencasts.
Sometimes a bit too fast, but still pretty good. Don’t expect any fancy edits. This is really just a coding Podcast (and I like it).

07/21/2010 17:18:32

Bad screencast examples: UITableView tutorial

Even if you’re showing code, talk to the listener! Tell him/her why or what you are doing.


07/20/2010 18:00:42

If you see a table (view) in an app on the iPhone. Tap the Status Bar at the top (where the clock is) to scroll to the top fast.
Used in Mail, Safari for instance.



07/20/2010 13:00:00

Tools I use for screencasting

Acorn from Flying Meat Software: Acorn is my favourite image editing app. It’s ability to crop something quickly (Just press C and Acorn tries to figure out what can be cropped). Definitive timesaver when I create callout effects or a thumbnail for a new article.

07/19/2010 18:02:42

To write a . on the iPhone press the space bar twice.


07/18/2010 18:00:42

It’s possible to assign shortcuts to menu entries in pop-up menus. (Like the one in Save as PDF)

To assign a shortcut go to System Preferences → Keyboard. Click the + and choose:

* Application: All Applications
* Menu Title: Save as PDF…
* Keyboard Shortcut: Whatever you like. Mine is ⌃⌥⌘P

Click on Add and you’re done.

07/17/2010 18:02:42

Wordpress has feeds for everything. Add /feed to the end of a URL to get the comment feed, for instance.


07/16/2010 18:05:42

To always open a specific file with an app. Right-click on the file, hold ⌥ and choose an app in “Always Open With”


07/15/2010 18:00:42

⌘-click opens a link in a new tab in Safari. ⇧⌘-click brings that tab to the foreground. Change behavior in Preferences → Tabs.


07/14/2010 18:00:42

Hold ⌘ while clicking a link in Mail.app to open it in the background.


07/13/2010 18:00:42

To take a screenshot on the iPhone/iPad press the Home button together with the Sleep/Wake button.


07/13/2010 16:00:00

Tools I use for screencasting

Keynote by Apple: Creates wonderful overlays without having me to worry about the “low-level stuff”.

07/11/2010 23:02:32

Hold down ⌘ while clicking an app in the Dock to let Finder reveal it.


07/11/2010 00:18:42

Tools I use for screencasting

To resize two or more windows to an exact size I’m using either Mercury Mover or Keyboard Maestro.
I also like two functions in both tools:

07/10/2010 20:41:00

Want to add a PDF to iBooks without a Mac? Open the PDF in Safari and a button Open in iBooks will appear.


07/09/2010 20:43:14

Save disk space on a TimeMachine volume by deleting old backups.


07/09/2010 13:29:22

Many people don’t know that ⌘, opens almost every apps’ preferences.


07/08/2010 16:30:04

Invert a Finder selection by holding ⌘ down while making a “new” selection over your selection.


07/08/2010 12:48:33

Press ⌃T to switch two letters in a text field.


07/08/2010 12:44:28

Speed up your Finder navigation with ⌘↓ (into folder/open item) and ⌘↑ (out of folder).


07/08/2010 12:44:10

Find duplicates in iTunes by going to File → Display Duplicates. Hold down ⌥ to Display Exact Duplicates.


07/08/2010 12:43:45

Get a file listing quickly by opening TextEdit, switch to Plain Text, then drag files from Finder onto TextEdit.


07/08/2010 12:43:39

Press ⌘⌥F to get quickly to the search field in Safari. ⌘L, btw, highlights the adress bar.


07/08/2010 12:37:50

Press ⌘1 to open up the first bookmark from Safari’s title bar. Works for other bookmarks accordingly.